Multiple Star Wars Translations Seem to Answer A Major Last Jedi Question

Many people have been trying to decipher the title of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in order to pull as much information from the title as they possibly can. Now, it appears that a great deal more can be learned by looking at the title in other languages. The problem that we have is that English just isn't a descriptive enough language. The same title in French would seem to indicate that the word Jedi in the title is, in fact, being used in its plural form.

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The French name of the movie is Les Derniers Jedi, which is just The Last Jedi in French, not shocking. However, StarWarsNewsNet has brought something interesting to our attention. The key word here is Derniers, which means Last. In French, as well as several other languages, the word for Last has a different form depending on whether the thing it's referring to is singular or plural. In all cases, French, Spanish, German, and more, the form of the word Last being used here is plural. So it would seem that The Last Jedi is actually referring to more than one person.

The fact that Jedi was the same word in both the singular and plural form was something that had been remarked on since the title of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was announced. It made a great deal of sense to look at the story that way because everybody pretty much assumes that Rey will begin her Jedi training under Luke Skywalker in the new movie and that the two of them will be The Last Jedi referred to in the title.

There are, of course, still other people who could be the subjects of the title, even knowing that we're looking for more than one person. The movie could reveal entirely new Jedi characters that have been living in the shadows this whole time. Kylo Ren could change sides and embrace the Jedi once again. These are long shots to be sure, but with literally nothing to go on, we can't be sure they're not happening.

I think we can all agree that this is further evidence that, as a language, English is awful. The amount of information that words can convey is nearly infinite, except in English where we apparently don't actually say anything. It is interesting that the official title was released in English first, and is only now being distributed in other countries. Was this simply the sort of delay that occurs when a multi-national company tries to send out information globally or was the attempt to make the title ambiguous for a period intentional?

Now that we would seem to know that The Last Jedi is plural, to whom do you think the title refers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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