What Ares Will Look Like In Wonder Woman

While we've seen several trailers for DC's upcoming Wonder Woman we haven't seen much of anything when it comes to the film's villains. Now, we have our first look at the big bad, more or less. The toy line associated with Wonder Woman has been revealed which allows us to get our first look at the God of War Ares.

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The look at the toy line comes courtesy of Nation of Nerds on Twitter who remarks that the look of Ares comes from a combination of the classic and more modern design of the character in the DC comics. He's certainly dressed for war with a massive shield in one hand and a weapon in the other. On his head he's wearing a massive helmet with horns that are coming out, only adding to his defensive abilities.

It's far from clear exactly how Ares will factor into the story of Wonder Woman all of the trailers that we have seen have focused on our heroine getting involved in World War I. While there's certainly an undercurrent of something supernatural going on around the edges, we have few details on how it will all fit together. Certainly, it won't be too shocking to see the God of War will somehow be involved in the "war to end all wars," but did he bring about the war, or did the war draw him in? That we don't know.

Based on the fact that he's not part of the film's setup in the trailers we would guess that Ares involvement is something that won't be revealed until later in the movie. Little focus has been given to him in the lead-up, beyond the introduction of this toy, probably because they want audiences to be surprised.

At this point, less than six months out, we still don't know who will be under the helmet of Ares when the film arrives. A recent rumor is that David Thewlis, who played Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films, will be the man behind the god. The character is reportedly a combination of CGI and practical effects, which will likely be used to add size to Thewlis as Ares is usually portrayed as being physically massive. It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be true. Multiple sources are reportedly claiming Thewlis is the guy, but without knowing the validity of the sources, it's hard to put a lot of stock in it.

What do you think of Ares? If we get a CGI/live-action version of this action figure will that be the perfect Ares on screen? Let us know your thoughts below.

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