The DC Extended Universe is wasting no time in pairing notable heroes and villains together, and we're not just talking about the upcoming Justice League movies. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the most obvious example, pairing the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel together for the first time in live action and Wonder Woman later joining them. Then there was Suicide Squad, which featured a variety of DC villains and showed Joker and Harley Quinn's romance to the largest audience yet. Then came last week's news that Cyborg will reportedly appear in the Flash movie.

While big, ensemble team-ups are usually fun to watch (and at their best are extremely epic), the Flash/Cyborg revelation has us thinking about other duos we want to see in the DCEU. Some of these folks could potentially lead movies together, while others would just get a short amount of screen time. Either way, this franchise would benefit from pairing certain heroes and villains together to pay tribute to the source material. Here are the top 8 duos that should get the cinematic spotlight.

Flash/Green Lantern

While it's good to see that Flash and Cyborg will continue to work together outside of the Justice League, the fact of the matter is that in the comics, the Scarlet Speedster is best friends with Green Lantern, a friendship that spreads across many who've held both identities. Barry Allen is pals with Hal Jordan, Wally West and Kyle Rayner frequently hung out together and in the Justice League animated series, Wally and John Stewart were buddies. Right now, Green Lantern Corps is scheduled for 2020, but there are rumors that at least one of the Emerald Knights will appear in 2019's Justice League 2. Either way, eventually the Green Lantern side of the DC universe will connect to the Earth heroes, and after that happens, it would be great if Flash and one of the Green Lanterns (preferably Hal, since Barry is Flash in this world), could work together on a mission and start building that same rapport they have on the printed page.

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