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WARNING: There may be some MINOR SPOILERS ahead for Wonder Woman. So if you want to go into the blockbuster without it being ever so slightly ruined for you, then you probably shouldn't read ahead.

Ben Affleck as Batman

Since we already know that Wonder Woman is a period piece that's mostly set during the first World War, it's been a bit of a head-scratcher trying to figure out exactly how it will be linked to the other installments from the DC Extended Universe. We might have just had our answer, because following the first test screenings for Wonder Woman, various rumors have emerged, one of which alleges that the film will start with Ben Affleck's Batman emailing Diana Prince about starting the Justice League.

This speculation has to be taken with a huge heap of salt, though, as YouTuber Midnight's Edge not only admitted that the film could still be altered because of the reactions, but that the leaks from viewers in the screenings might have been exaggerated or they could have just been made up, too. Still, when it comes to the DC Extended Universe it's always fun to guesstimate, especially when it comes to the possible inclusion of Ben Affleck's Batman in Wonder Woman

This leak suggests that the framing story for Wonder Woman will see Bruce Wayne emailing Diana Prince when she's in Paris to ask her whether she'd like to join the Justice League and search for the other metahumans, which we already know consists of Ray Fisher's Cyborg, Ezra Miller's The Flash, and Jason Momoa's Aquaman. After receiving this email, Diana tells Bruce about her vast past in the "human world," which has already consisted of fighting in World War I, falling in love with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, and losing her faith in humanity. By the end of the film, she agrees to join him.

As I mentioned before, this is purely a rumor and is by no means at all official. Plus, even if it is true, it doesn't guarantee that Ben Affleck will actually reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Wonder Woman. Instead, we might just see his gmail avatar, while I've just always assumed that Alfred would be the one writing his emails anyway. You can check out Midnight's Edge full breakdown of the latest Wonder Woman allegations below.

This is just the latest of several rumors that have alleged Ben Affleck will appear in Wonder Woman as Batman, with past speculation suggesting that Diana Prince will travel to Gotham City to meet Bruce Wayne during the film. Unfortunately, we will only find out about Batman's involvement in Wonder Woman when the film is finally released this summer. You can get yourself a little bit pumped for Wonder Woman by watching the trailer below.

Superb stuff. We'll see if it can live up to its promise, and stem the tide of criticism that ensconced the DC Extended Universe with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad, when Wonder Woman is released on June 2.

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