The trailers and footage we've seen from director Patty Jenkins' upcoming Wonder Woman movie to this point have been great, but they've also been lacking details in a certain area. While they've done a great job establishing the world of Themyscira, introducing the heroes, and setting up the period story, one thing they haven't done is really talk about the central villains in the conflict. Sure, we've seen some of them in quick flashes, but no substantial information about them has really been released. Today we are putting an end to that.

Early last year I joined a small group of journalists to visit the set of Wonder Woman while it was still in production, and some of the key material that we learned during the experience was about the antagonistic forces in the upcoming blockbuster. And to help you all get a grip on exactly what's happening, we've put together this handy guide to help introduce you to the film's main villains. Read on, and learn something!

Dr. Maru a.k.a. Dr. Poison

Dr. Maru, who is best known in the comics as Dr. Poison, is one of Wonder Woman's oldest adversaries, having been first introduced all the way back in the early 1940s as the head of a Nazi spy ring. In her first appearance, she attempted to use a special kind of poison that caused enemy soldiers to turn against their orders and do the exact opposite. The villainess' plan won't be quite as silly in the Wonder Woman movie, but there is the threat of her being just as deadly.

As we learned on the set of the upcoming blockbuster, the audience is introduced to Chris Pine's Steve Trevor actually just shortly after he's had his very own encounter with Dr. Maru. With peace plans in motion to end World War I, Steve learns of an evil plot involving the use of toxins to kill millions and perpetuate the war to continue, and he uses his spy skills to steal Dr. Maru's notebook for proof. It's on his way back from his mission that Steve winds up being pursued, and ultimately crash lands on the beaches of Themyscira.

Portrayed for the first time in live action, Dr. Maru is played by Elena Anaya in the Wonder Woman movie. As you can probably tell from the image above, she's had a couple of lab accidents in the past that have resulted in some facial deformities (which she covers up with a mask), but that only has the effect of making her seem all the more dangerous. Certainly not helping things for the good guys is the fact that she has a powerful friend...

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