Cars 3 Has Cast A TV Heavy Hitter

Kerry Washington in Scandal

Cars 3 is looking surprisingly interesting for being a third installment in a series about talking automobiles. Now, the movie is only getting more intriguing as it has announced the addition of some top-tier voice talent. Scandal's Kerry Washington will be making her animated feature film debut in Cars 3 as a "smarty-pants" sports car going by the name of Natalie Certain.

Kerry Washington has become one of the hottest names in Hollywood thanks to her role in Scandal and now, according to People, she'll be making the leap to voicing a character in Cars 3. Washington previously voiced the character of Princess Shuri in a 2010 animated series version of Black Panther, but that's been her only previous voice work. The actress tells People that she's very excited about doing Cars 3 as it's something that her young children can finally see her do.

People has an image of Natalie Certain that shows her as a red sports car and she's set down in front of a screen that shows multiple race cars on it, including Lightning McQeen and the new film's primary antagonist Jackson Storm. There's also a logo for the Racing Sports Network in the background, so it appears that Certain is a sports analyst who covers racing. The image appears to show a sports news show, something akin to ESPN Sportscenter, where Natalie Certain is giving us stats on the various competing racers.

This certainly makes sense as Cars 3 has previously announced numerous names from the world of NASCAR, as well as the sports networks that cover it, will also be voicing characters. While racing has been a background element in the previous Cars films, it appears that it will be taking a larger role in the new movie.

In addition to Kerry Washington, two other voices were also announced as joining the cast. Geek icon Nathan Fillion will join the film as Sterling, a silver sports car and Orange is the New Black's Lea DeLaria will be playing the role of Miss Fritter, who looks like a school bus that's being used in Mad Max movie. The trailers have shown scenes that appear to be set in some sort of demolition derby and we'd guess this is where Miss Fritter will show up.

These three will join other newcomers to the franchise including Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm and Christina Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez. In addition, it looks like most of the old crew from Radiator Springs will be returning.

The cast of Cars 3 is certainly top notch and every name that joins it is only makes it bigger. We're looking forward to seeing how they all come together when Cars 3 hits screens this summer.

Dirk Libbey
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