Cars 3 Has Cast A Dozen NASCAR All-Stars, Here’s Who They Will Be Playing

Cars 3

Cars 3 is set to debut this summer and bring Pixar's version of auto racing back to the big screen. In order to make the racing experience as authentic as possible, the studio has now enlisted several different NASCAR drivers and former drivers to voice characters in the film. The Cars movies have always included a couple of NASCAR racers, but for the new film, they're bringing in all the big guns. Here's the full list of new, and returning NASCAR greats.

Chase Elliott was 2016's Sunoco Rookie of the Year. In Cars 3 he'll be voicing second-generation Piston Cup racer Chase Racelott. Racelott will also be a fresh rookie, but like his voice actor, he'll be a top contender.

Ryan Blaney will be the voice of third-generation racer Ryan "Inside" Laney in the movie. Blaney is also a third generation racer like his animated counterpart. We're seeing a theme developing here.

Daniel Suarez, the 2016 NASCAR Xfinity Series champion, can be heard in the film as Danny Swervez. He's being called a "next generation racer" which makes him sound like he comes from a similar pace as the film lead antagonist, Jackson Storm.

Bubba Wallace was the first African-American to win in one of the top three touring divisions since 1963. In Cars 3 we'll hear him as the voice of Bubba Wheelhouse.

Darrell Waltrip is no stranger to the Cars franchise as we've heard him as the voice of Darrell Cartrip in both previous installments.

Shannon Spake is a sports reporter for Fox who covers NASCAR so it makes sense that she'd do the same thing for the Piston Cup races in Cars 3. In the film, her name will be Shannon Spokes.

Humpy Wheeler is one of the great NASCAR promoters who voiced Tex Dinoco, the owner of Team Dinoco in the original Cars. While Lightning McQueen turned him down then, it appears that Tex is still interested in getting Lightning on board.

Jeff Gordon is not only a voice on Cars 3 but he's also acting a story consultant. The four-time champion will voice Jeff Gorvette, one of the greats in Piston Cup history.

Richard Petty's role in the original Cars was small but vital to the overall story. He'll be back as Strip "The King" Weathers in Cars 3. He's retired from racing but is now crew chief for his nephew, Cal Weathers.

Kyle Petty is the son of Richard Petty and will be voicing The King's nephew Cal Weathers. It sounds like Cal, a racing veteran like Lightning McQueen, will also find himself on the outs following the arrival of the next generation racers.

Mike Joy is the lead announcer for NASCAR on Fox Sports. He'll be voicing a radio talk show host who covers Piston Cup racing in the film, going by the name Mike Joyride.

Ray Evernham won three championships as the crew chief for Jeff Gordon. In Cars 3 he'll be the crew chief for Lightning McQueen's main competition, Jackson Storm, voiced by Armie Hammer.

Needless to say, the voice cast for Cars 3 is completely stacked. If you're a racing fan then the film will be absolutely full of voices that you know. Most of these are likely little more than cameos, but together they'll all add a feeling of reality to Pixar's newest animated feature. Cars 3 will hit screens June 16.

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