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The newest trailer for one of the year's biggest movies just hit and it shows us just how much bigger The Fate of the Furious is going to be than previous entries. If you thought you'd seen everything they could do with cars, they might just surprise you. The new trailer has more cars crashing into each other at once than would have seemed possible. Check it out.

The new trailer gives a bit more detail into exactly what's going on in The Fate of the Furious. We have previously seen that Vin Diesel's Dominic Torreto will be on the opposite side from the rest of his team in the new film. Here we get a look at exactly what Charlize Theron's lead bad guy is capable of, and what she's capable of is using cars as weapons by taking control of a seemingly infinite number of them and throwing them at her enemies or dropping them from the sky.

Actually, the dropping cars on people from the top of a parking garage looks pretty cool.

We do also learn that Dom's decision to turn on his crew was not a decision he made on his own. That seemed pretty obvious in the first trailer, though it was never stated outright as it is here. Exactly what Charlize Theron's character is holding over him is not revealed, we'll likely need to wait for the movie to learn that, but we can guess that the team will be reunited by the end of it all.

Also, The Rock shifts the trajectory of a torpedo with his bare hands from a moving vehicle. We need to see this movie now.

The Fate of the Furious has an unenviable task in trying to outdo its predecessor, which was one of the highest grossing films ver made. It put up solid numbers here but it was overseas, especially China, where the movie really set records. We recently learned that Fate has secured its Chinese release date and it will open at the same time as it does here, so get ready for one of the biggest global box office weekends in a very long time.

If you've enjoyed this series before, there's every reason to believe that The Fate of the Furious is only going to provide more of the over the top auto action that recent films have delivered. We're looking forward to seeing what crazy stuff they're not yet showing us when the film hits screens April 14.

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