Henry Cavill Is Getting In Shape For Green Lantern, Let The Speculation Begin

The DC Extended Universe is headed full steam for Justice League. However, one member of that team has been conspicuously absent. Now, another DC hero seems to be hinting that could change. Henry Cavill took to social media to share the fact that's he currently rehabbing his recent knee injury. However, while doing so he dropped a comment that will surely get fans talking. What exactly does Henry Cavill know about Green Lantern?

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Henry Cavill's Instagram post says that he's working hard because he wants to be sure he's bigger than Green Lantern. So what exactly does that mean?The only way for Cavill to be able to compare his own physique to that of Green Lantern will be for there to be an actual person playing the role. Does that mean that a decision has been made regarding casting Green Lantern? If so, which one? The word has been that several of the characters that we know as Green Lantern will be appearing in Green Lantern Corps. Is Hal Jordan or John Stewart going to be played by the more muscular actor?

One could also imply from the comment that perhaps Henry Cavill expects to be sharing a screen with Green Lantern at some point, thus he needs Superman to be obviously bigger. Does that mean we may actually get a Lantern appearance in Justice League after all? Or maybe Green Lantern will be appearing in Man of Steel 2 which appears to have recently found a director? Is Cavill expecting to appear in Green Lantern Corps?

The tail end of Henry Cavill's post is great because the guy knows that people are going to be wondering what the hell he's talking about. He could very well be hinting that an announcement of some sort is imminent. He could just as easily be simply messing with people. He could be speaking in a much larger sense that he just wants to be bigger than Green Lantern, whoever the hell it happens to be and whenever the hell it matters.

The only thing we can really assume for sure is that Henry Cavill isn't saying anything that he's not supposed to. The DC comic film franchise, like so many others, is so well controlled that Cavill would be getting himself in pretty serious trouble if he hinted something about Green Lantern that Warner Bros. wasn't ready to have out there. His vagueness likely wouldn't protect him very far.

What do you think? Should we be expecting a major announcement regarding Green Lantern in the short term? Is there fire near this smoke or is Henry Cavill just having some fun with us to give him some entertainment while he works out?

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