So far the DC Extended Universe has been comfortable keeping its theatrically-released movies rated PG-13, but that may change soon. Last week, it was reported that Warner Bros is supposedly amenable to making R-rated movies. No doubt the performances of Deadpool and Logan at 20th Century Fox has caused individuals at the studio to re-examine whether or not DC could experience similar success. While it's never a good idea to force an R-rated tone on a comic book character if they're not naturally suited for it, DC does a fair amount of characters who fit that bill. That's why we've gathered the folks who would be naturals for leading a rated R movie within the DCEU; most of whom, we admit, don't fit the regular superhero mold.

To clarify, the entries here will be only be individuals rather than whole groups, although Suicide Squad 2 and the upcoming Justice League Dark movie would lend themselves well to an R rating. This list also won't include characters who've already led their own movies in the past, so John Constantine, Swamp Thing and Jonah Hex will have to make due with being honorable mentions.


If Warner Bros and DC are looking to have a Deadpool-like success, Lobo is their best shot at making that happen. The "Main Man" is one of DC's most violent and brutal characters, but he's also one of their most hilarious ones, too, because of his cocky attitude and being a walking pastiche of the stereotypical "gritty" superhero characters. Lobo is one of the many movies currently in development for the DCEU, and last we heard, Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs was penning the script (which thankfully will feature classic Lobo rather than that New 52 wannabe). If the DCEU wants to do this character justice, they would be wise to make his movie R rated so the alien bounty hunter is free to unleash a lot more violence and profanity during his intergalactic adventures.

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