The Insane Amount Of Money Kong: Skull Island Opened To In China

Kong: Skull Island < King Kong vs helicopters

Now in its third week of release, Kong: Skull Island has done pretty well for itself. The monster movie opened to solid results, proving that Legendary and Warner Bros. MonsterVerse had some legs to stand on. But that was only factoring in the film's domestic release in the United States, as Skull Island had yet to open in the second biggest movie market: China. That all changes this weekend, as the film opened for Chinese audiences, who flocked in big numbers to the theater to see the largest Kong ever smash the crap out of other monsters.

Variety reports that Kong: Skull Island took home $22.5 million from its Friday opening (including Thursday midnight screenings) in Chinese theaters this weekend. The film made up 76% of China's total box office haul on Friday, thus making it the second largest English-language film of the year in the country. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter still holds the number one spot, the zombie action flick being extremely popular overseas. Kong: Skull Island is also the fifth biggest opening debut for a movie in the territory.

Outside of China, the UK leads the foreign box office with $14.8 million, followed by Mexico's $11.8 million. Currently, the foreign box office total for the monster movie stands at over $193 million. Although its worth noting that the film has not yet opened up in Japan, which will likely be another big boost for the film in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile in the United States, Skull Island took in $18 million for its third weekend, and looks to take third place behind the global domination of Beauty and the Beast and the fresh new Power Rangers movie. That'll bring Skull Island's domestic total up to $140 million by Saturday, experts say. All in all, not too shabby for the big ape. The film did better than expected on its opening weekend, scoring higher than the last Kong movie (Peter Jackson's King Kong), but fell short of its MonsterVerse brother, Godzilla ($93 million debut). Kong: Skull Island scored mostly positive reviews, critics celebrated its impressive visuals and fast-paced action, even if the film wastes its otherwise stellar cast.

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the film is set in 1973 in the wake of the conclusion of the Vietnam War. A scientific expedition is launched to explore a newly discovered uncharted island, but the team of scientists and soldiers soon have a (violent) encounter with Kong, the 100-foot tall protector of the island. Now the team must find a way to escape the island, while surviving its many strange and supernatural wonders.

if you want to see what has the Chinese so worked up, check out Kong: Skull Island, which is still out in theaters right now.

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