How The Internet Reacted To Han Solo Apparently Being An Alias

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It's been just a few days since Bob Iger revealed some big news related to the upcoming Han Solo movie: That Han Solo may, in fact, not have been Han Solo's original name. The upcoming flick is set to address the possible name change, which was news to, well, everyone on the Internet. And some individuals have been taking the news better than others. Here's how the Internet reacted to Han Solo's potential name change.

One Star Wars fan went so far as to jokingly take on the persona of a records employee on Coruscant dealing with the name change:

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Then there are the fans who totally get why a name change may be in the cards for the famous movie character.

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While most people seem to have a reasonable perspective regarding the Han Solo name change, there are some fans who are unhappy with the change. Like intense, over-the-top unhappy. One fan even went so far as to say,

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Of course, those who aren't annoyed, amused or understanding about the plotline that will be a part of the Han Solo movie are busy guessing what Solo's real name might be, with people spouting it might be Eugene Fitzherbert or Myron or more. This guy especially has one pretty funny idea:

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Obviously, there are myriad opinions when it comes to the plot of the upcoming Han Solo movie, and it should be one of several changes we'll have to deal with in regards to Han Solo when the movie, which takes place in an earlier time period, premieres. Regardless we still have a while to wait to find out the real story behind Han Solo's name. The movie, after all, is still untitled, and isn't anticipated to hit theaters until May 25, 2018. For now, you can take a look at what we know about the upcoming movie, and take a look at what is hitting theaters sooner rather than later with our updated movies schedule.

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