7 Big Questions We Still Have About Justice League After The New Trailer

This past weekend, the first full Justice League trailer was finally released, arriving eight months after the special San Diego Comic-Con preview. The trailer showcased a lot of eye-popping action sequences, while also didn't divulge too much about the story, which is understandable given that the movie is still eight months away from release. This, along with June's Wonder Woman, will be integral to seeing how the DCEU will progress and morph in 2018 and beyond.

While we didn't expect the Justice League teaser trailer to reveal all of the blockbuster's secrets, this preview nonetheless had us thinking about a lot of yet-to-be-revealed elements, some brand new and others that have been floating around for months. Here are the seven biggest Justice League questions on our mind.

Superman standing in front of committee

How Will Superman Come Back To Life?

Superman was nowhere to be seen in the new Justice League trailer. On the one hand, we're thankful that he wasn't dropped in given that major blockbusters have history with spoiling key plot points too early, so better to not show their hand to early with the Man of Steel. On the other hand, we're once again wracking our brains about how Kal-El will be will come back to life after perishing in battle against Doomsday. At the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, his resurrection was foreshadowed when dirt started levitating off of his coffin, but we have yet to be provided a clue about how he'll be brought back. Does it have to do with his body containing the Kryptonian codex? Will Darkseid's forces experiment on his corpse and bring him back as one of their corrupted agents? The mystery of Superman's return is still looms large.

Battlefield in Justice League trailer

Will We Visit Apokolips?

There are two quick shots in the Justice League trailer showing Amazons battling alien forces. It looks like this may be part of the flashback scene reported on last year that will show a gigantic conflict thousands of years ago between Darkseid's minions and Earth inhabitants, i.e. the Amazons, Atlanteans and humans. However, the fiery setting of these shots has us now questioning whether they're taking place on ancient Earth or if the Earth forces were somehow transported to Apokolips. Even if this ancient flashback is set on Earth, what are the chances that one or more of the Justice Leaguers will visit Darkseid's domain? For instance, we speculated on how the movie may be adapting a moment from Geoff Johns' Justice League: Origin arc by having Aquaman instead of Batman being deliberately carried off by Parademons to Apokolips so he can rescue Superman from experimentation. Given how important Darkseid and the New Gods mythology appears to be in the DCEU, it stands to reason we'll eventually visit Apokolips. The question is when.

Steppenwolf holding axe

Why Did Steppenwolf Wait So Long To Search For The Mother Boxes?

Steppenwolf has been sent by his nephew Darkseid in Justice League to retrieve the three Mother Boxes left on Earth, but why come now? Assuming that we will indeed see that flashback showing the battle between Apokoliptan and human forces, that means that the Mother Boxes have been hidden among us for millennia. It's highly unlikely that Steppenwolf and his allies are so disorganized that they wouldn't realize for thousands of years that three of these portable supercomputers were missing. So why is Steppenwolf only coming to Earth at the beginning of the 21st century to retrieve them? One thought that comes to mind is that the Mother Boxes were deliberately left behind to collect information about the denizens of Earth, and now is the time to bring them back to Apokolips. Surely Steppenwolf won't be pleased to find out that one of the Boxes is now infused within one of Earth's superpowered heroes.

Mother Box in Silas Stone's apartment

Why Is That Mother Box In Silas Stone's Apartment?

One of the early trailer moments shows Cyborg's father, Dr. Silas Stone, coming into his apartment and discovering a Mother Box sitting there, unaware that a Parademon was also lurking in the shadows. There are two main possibilities for what's going on here. One, this is showing a flashback of how Silas obtained the Mother Box he used to rebuild his son Victor's body, as seen in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice video footage. Two, one of Earth's other Mother Boxes has somehow found its way into Silas' home under mysterious circumstances. If it's Option #1, why did that Parademon allow Silas to take the Mother Box for his own use? If it's Option #2, who put the Mother Box there, and should we be worried about that Apokoliptan terror killing Silas before Cyborg can rush in to save him?

The Green Lantern Corps fighting

Is The Green Lantern Corps Involved?

Unlike most Justice League origin stories, Green Lantern will not be a founding member of the superhero team in the DCEU. However, there have been reports that a member of the Green Lantern Corps will appear in the Justice League movie, only it will be one of its alien members rather than Hal Jordan or John Stewart. If this is true, how will that individual fit into the story? One would imagine that the Green Lantern Corps would eventually find out that Steppenwolf is invading Earth, so perhaps one of the members (Abin Sur, perhaps?) will be sent to intercept him and die in the process. Whatever ends up happening, such an appearance would clue in casual viewers that Warner Bros is giving the Green Lantern mythology a second chance a few years before the Green Lantern Corps movie comes out.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman being splashed with water

What Changes Aquaman's Mind About Joining The Team?

In last year's San Diego Comic-Con preview, Arthur Curry didn't take too kindly to Bruce Wayne paying him a visit, and when Bruce later met back up with Diana, he confirmed that the Aquaman has refused the offer to join their cool new superhero team. In the new trailer, Aquaman is seen fight with Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Flash, and clearly enjoying himself judging by that "YEAH!" he exclaims while riding atop the Batmobile? So what changed his mind about working alongside these other heroes? Did he have an epiphany while he was hanging out at that secluded fishing village about how he could make a true difference with his powers, or did he simply realize this would be his only opportunity to hang out with a guy dressed like a bat? I'm hoping for the latter.

New 52 Darkseid holding hand out

Will Darkseid Appear?

Steppenwolf may be Justice League's main antagonist, but as we've mentioned on numerous occasions, he's serving his nephew, the all-powerful Darkseid. Much like Thanos in the MCU, Darkseid is being set up as the grand baddie of the DCEU. Warner Bros hasn't uttered a peep about Darkseid, but unofficial reports place the evildoer as appearing in the flashback battle, although he will apparently only be seen, not heard. This remains unconfirmed, but if the DCEU want audiences to know that there's a greater threat out there than Steppenwolf, it would be wise to at least hint at Darkseid's presence. At minimum his name should be dropped once or twice, but preferably we'll see those glowing eyes and bulky frame in person or over a hologram. The voice would be nice to hear, too, although since we're several years away from Darkseid making his full debut (ideally in Justice League 2), then it's fine if casting needs more time to find the right person to fill that role.

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