The New Justice League Trailer Is Explosive And Action-Packed

While the DC Extended Universe is still very much in its infancy, it hasn't stopped the studio from producing quite a few films in a short amount of time. In an attempt to keep up with the behemoth machine that is the MCU, new DC movies are being developed constantly, and none is quite as anticipated as Justice League. The Zack Snyder directed project will finally reunite the juggernauts of the DC Universe, and fans are hoping it will finally be the installment in the DCEU that will satisfy both fans and critics.

A new trailer was just released for the film, and it teases some pretty epic moments. Check it out!

I'll say this for Justice League, they're definitely not skimping on the action. With eight months to go until this movie's release, the new trailer did an impressive job spotlighting the five main heroes doing what they do best. From Aquaman repelling that giant wave to Cyborg rocking that badass sonic arm cannon to Batman demonstrating his special ability: being rich. Hey, without that, he wouldn't be nearly as cool, guys! As for that cover of The Beatles' "Come Together," while I'm on the fence of how it generally sounded, it certainly conveyed the right tone of unity that this movie is going for.

Plot-wise, this Justice League trailer provided only a little more information about who...or rather, what these heroes will be going up against. In the San Diego Comic-Con trailer, Ben Affleck's Batman only spoke of a general threat coming to Earth, and now regular moviegoers unfamiliar with the comics and who haven't been keeping up with the news surrounding this blockbuster know that said threat is extraterrestrial. Specifically, it's the Parademons, monstrous creatures from Apokolips who were first seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during Batman's Knightmare. They will be lead by Steppenwolf, who has come to Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes, one of which is powering Cyborg.

While the DCEU has performed commercially well for the most part, its first three installments haven't performed as critically well as Warner Bros and many fans would have hoped. Along with Wonder Woman, there's a lot riding on Justice League to put this cinematic universe on more solid footing. It remains to be seen how the overall final product will turn out, but so far, Justice League looks like it's taken some constructive criticism to heart, and combining those with the creative decisions the crew team made ahead of time, it will hopefully give fans the epic Justice League movie they've been craving for years. Still, trailers can sometimes be misleading, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more upcoming previews and news about the blockbuster as they come in throughout the rest of the year.

Justice League charges into theaters on November 17. Let us know what you thought of this trailer in the comments below.

Adam Holmes
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