Netflix's War Machine Trailer: Brad Pitt's New Movie Looks Entertaining And Political

brad pitt in netflix's war machine

Netflix has been shelling out quite a bit of moolah to bring some big stars to the streaming service, and we've known for a while that one of these expensive projects is War Machine, a movie starring Brad Pitt and a slew of other known names. We've already gotten a first look at War Machine, but the new trailer is even more entertaining and political. Give the full trailer a watch, below.

While the early looks at War Machine really teased Brad Pitt's role as General Glen McMahon, this trailer puts the character front and center. General McMahon is a controlled speaker and a man of ideas. He spends half of the trailer trying to explain to his men why they are in Afghanistan--to "support and protect" the civilians--and half the time listening to his men, who seem increasingly confused over what they are supposed to be doing. Billed as a parody, the hectic wartime comedy broaches politics in terms of journalists questioning the military and leaders from both sides meeting up. It also features a very different-looking Brad Pitt.

While Brad Pitt's not running around looking as fit as possible as he's done in movies like World War Z, there is still plenty of action in the trailer for the comedy, with soldiers brandishing guns and helicopters landing and plenty of other tropes that are often seen in war-related movies. While this seems like a tale of Brad Pitt leading a group of soldiers to glory, we already know we can expect something very different when War Machine premieres.

Netflix has already described the film as a "savage" parody. Director David Michod's new movie will be the head of commanding forces in Afghanistan when the movie picks up, but he will soon go on a journey into the heart of warfare and politics. Reports indicate his "own hubris" and a journalist--played by Tilda Swinton in the trailer--will end up being the cause of his downfall. If the plot's not enough to entice you, maybe the cast will be, as Brad Pitt is starring opposite Ben Kingsley, Scoot McNairy, Anthony Michael Hall, Topher Grace, John Magaro, Will Poulter, RJ Cyler and Alan Ruck.

We've been hearing about this movie for a while, but in typical Netflix fashion, the streaming service has waited until nearer the release to put out footage related to the new movie. You can finally catch War Machine when it hits the streaming service on May 26. To find out what else Netflix has in the cards coming up, take a quick look at our premiere schedule.

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