Last week, Power Rangers finally opened in theaters, a story that re-imagined the original colorfully costumed teenagers with attitude for a new era. While the reboot wasn't without its issues (as is the case with most movies), it was a solid start to taking the pop culture heroes from the 1990s and making the characters more compelling, not to mention how great it was do have a blockbuster budget attached to fully realize the insane action elements. The kids can still enjoy the latest Power Ranger teams on TV, but the older fans can enjoy this new take on the big screen.

Despite Power Rangers getting this cinematic franchise off the ground decently, there are a few changes that should be implemented so that the sequel can be even better. Here are the main suggestions we have on how Power Rangers 2 can improve from its predecessor.

Warning: SPOILERS for Power Rangers are ahead!

Balance The Tone

It was to be expected that the Power Rangers movie wouldn't be nearly as goofy and ridiculous as the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series since it was aiming for that PG-13, young adult, Hunger Games type of feel. Still, the tone of the movie felt remarkably unbalanced. One moment the story delving all the way into gritty territory, while other times its silliness almost resembled its TV predecessor. And then there were moments like when Jason's friend realized he'd accidentally masturbated a cow. First off, let's avoid material like that altogether. Second, while a movie isn't obligated to remain entirely on one side of the spectrum or the other, Power Rangers 2 needs to resolve its identity crisis and not be so tonally erratic. Find the middle ground so the sequel can be more enjoyable.

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