Warning: spoilers ahead for Power Rangers! Don't read any further if you have not seen the awesome reboot of the classic 1990s show!

If you grew up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there's a good chance that you feel vindicated right now. Against all the odds, Dean Israelite's Power Rangers turned out to be a splendid superhero origin story, and it has rejuvenated this franchise in a way that we couldn't have expected. That said, part of the charm of Power Rangers is the sheer reverence it has for what has come before it. After seeing the film several times over, we can confirm that it's jam-packed with goodies and references that will drive any self-respecting Power Rangers fan wild.

We've gone through the details and picked out nine specific references that the Power Rangers reboot makes towards its source material. Check out our list, and let us know which of these deep cuts is your favorite in the comments section below.

Snap's "The Power"

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the quintessential 1990s property, so it only makes sense that the reboot has a ton of reverence for all of the Power Rangers goodness that characterized that decade. On that note, during the credits for the new Power Rangers movie, a remixed version of Snap's"The Power" plays in truly badass fashion. This song choice is particularly notable, because "The Power" played a prominent role on the soundtrack for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie back in 1995. Don't act like you don't miss all of that great 1990s hip hop.

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