The Annabelle: Creation Trailer Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

It's something of a universal truth that antique dolls are one of the scariest things on the planet. I know it, you know it, and Warner Bros. sure as hell knows it, because they keep making horror films about them. The Annabelle doll originally appeared in The Conjuring, but has since spun-off into its own horror franchise. The latest film is Annabelle: Creation, which sets out to deliver an origin story for the evil doll. The latest trailer for the horror flick has officially dropped, and you might want to make sure there are other people in the room because it is very unsettling.

I'll admit to not being big on horror films due to my easily startled nature, so maybe it's not a big deal when I say I was deeply uncomfortable watching this trailer. Annabelle: Creation is live on YouTube, giving viewers goosebumps and reinforcing a distrust in dolls. Set in The Conjuring Universe, the prequel's trailer is filled with horror staples: heavy shadows, creepy children, old record players, and plenty of jump scares. Whether it's all as scary in theaters is left to be seen, but this looks to be a pretty solid horror experience.

Annabelle: Creation is the fourth film in The Conjuring Universe, and is the prequel to 2014's Annabelle. This new film explores the origins of the titular demon doll. The story is focused on a dollmaker and his wife who lost their young daughter in an accident 20 years earlier. The two open their home to a nun and several girls from an orphanage, but who soon become targets of Annabelle. The first Annabelle made a boatload of cash (over $250 million worldwide) on a minimal budget, but the film was not received well by critics and horror fans who deemed it inferior to The Conjuring. We'll see if Warner Bros. learned any lessons and improved upon this new prequel.

Original Annabelle director John R. Leonetti did not return for Annabelle: Creation, and instead David F. Sandberg has taken over directing duties. Sandberg is a rising figure in horror, having directed his debut feature Lights Out based on his own short film. Gary Dauberman, who wrote the first Annabelle, returned to pen the script for Creation. Interestingly, Dauberman wrote the script for Andy Muschetti's IT movie adaptation, which stars a killer clown -- the other universally accepted scariest thing ever.

Annabelle: Creation is set to hit theaters on August 11, 2017, and will likely make you never want to walk down any given aisle in Toys R Us ever again. For more updates on the film, make sure to keep it right here at CinemaBlend

Matt Wood

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