Why Goldie Hawn Stopped Making Movies For 15 Years

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For a long time, Goldie Hawn was an it-girl in the movies. She starred in big films like The Sugarland Express, Overboard, Private Benjamin and more. In the nineties she transitioned into movies like Death Becomes Her and The First Wives Club. Then, she basically disappeared from the acting scene after the 2002 movie The Banger Sisters, only popping up to do voice work for an episode of Phineas and Ferb before signing on for the 2017 movie Snatched. She recently spoke out about why she disappeared from the movies for 15 years, noting:

I guess there's a time in everyone's life where you look and say, 'Are you going to do this for the rest of your life? Or are you going to grow and do something else for the rest of your life? What is this section going to look like? Every woman hits a certain age, every woman has to face it, that's the way it goes, and I really am not a sit-around-and-wait-for-the-phone-to-ring person.

Among many of the actresses in Hollywood, Goldie Hawn had a relatively long and productive career, and was able to bring in box office dollars for several decades on the big screen, without having to transition into TV or take a slew of less prominent roles. She was still a name when she did The Banger Sisters in 2002, but from what she is saying now, there are really two reasons she took a step back. The first is that she wasn't sure she wanted to be doing the acting grind forever. The second part of her comment seems to indicate that roles may not have been as forthcoming as they were previously during her career.

Despite the fact the actress took a long hiatus, she's going to be back starring in the upcoming film Snatched opposite Amy Schumer. That movie hits the schedule on May 12, and while Goldie Hawn does not have another movie already in the works after Snatched, fans of the actress should simply be happy to see her back in the business, even if it turns out to only be for one project. As for why she took Snatched, she told Yahoo there were really four reasons.

Amy. Content. Timing. And also the exciting aspect of the unknown.

Should Snatched go well, Goldie Hawn may well find herself with a slew of offers down the line, but should the movie not be a huge box office success, she could very well go back to not being a person who doesn't want to wait around for the phone to ring. To check out Snatched's competition and see what else is coming to the box office soon, take a look at our upcoming movies premiere calendar. In addition, you can check out the full trailer for the upcoming movie.

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