With so many major franchises in production, millions of fans are always on the lookout for news on their favorite series. This leads to all sorts of rumors crossing the internet. Most of them turn out to be false, but that doesn't mean that some don't contain a kernel of truth. Sometimes you have to wonder if the rumor that turned out to be false was actually based on information that was entirely true.

We don't know whether these rumors started out true but ended up wrong due to a massive game of internet "telephone" or if people just jumped to conclusions based on partial information, but occasionally some rumors that turn out to be false aren't entirely off base. Here are six times when a recent movie rumor was very nearly true... but not.

Deadpool Would Appear in Logan

The Rumor: Prior to the release of Logan an odd rumor popped up claiming that an end credits sequence in Hugh Jackman's last turn in the X-Men universe would include Ryan Reynolds playing the merc with a mouth, Deadpool. It seemed odd considering the tone we were expecting from Logan, but there it was.

The Reality: There was no end credits sequence in Logan with or without Deadpool. However, we did get an original teaser starring Ryan Reynolds that aired PRIOR to the beginning of Logan. It's possible that the filming of the teaser was the basis for the rumor, and there was simply some confusion about where we would see it.

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