When The Matrix Revolutions wrapped the long and twisty story that is The Matrix trilogy, the world thought it was the end of the story. Apparently, that wasn't entirely the truth, as Warner Bros has been confirmed as turning the world of Neo and the human resistance back on, with a brand new film. Seeing as this is an evolving situation, we felt it would be a good idea to compile everything we know in this handy, up-to-the-minute guide.

Keep in mind, the information contained below is preliminary, and can change at a moment's notice. So if you're really excited about the new Matrix film, bookmark this page and check back periodically for updates. Now, it's time to jack in and cover what's going on in the ever changing world of The Matrix.

What Is The New Matrix Movie About?

Originally, this new installment of The Matrix series was reported as a reboot of the series, much to the consternation of the internet. However, it wasn't long before writer Zak Penn, the scribe who is in talks with Warner Bros. to write the project, went on a Twitter crusade of truth to set the record straight. Apparently, the film is not a reboot or a remake of the original Matrix series, rather it's a new adventure in the current continuity. Rumors even have it that the film will involve the story of a young Morpheus and his adventures down the digital rabbit hole.

What Will The New Matrix Movie Be Rated?

This is a tricky question to answer, as, historically, The Matrix has been an R-rated franchise. With all of the action violence, swearing, and inventive usage of bondage gear and tight leather as costumes, a PG-13 rating had never been in the cards for Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity. However, it's not unusual for a major studio to want to cash in on a nostalgic property with a younger age bracket. It wouldn't be surprising if the studio decided they wanted to cast a wider net and aim for the blockbuster friendly rating to win over a whole new audience.

When Will The New Matrix Movie Be Released?

No release date has been set for The Matrix's latest revolution, however we can make some practical guesses. Should a script be locked down, and a cast assembled, production could start as early as the end of this year. If that's the case, we'd more than likely expect this new Matrix movie either in the later half of 2018, or more conservatively early to mid 2019. Though don't take our word for it, as the project is in a rather early phase.

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