What The New Matrix Movie May Be About

The Matrix Morpheus Lawrence Fishburne

Earlier this week, news broke that Warner Bros. was actively pursuing plans to launch a reboot of The Matrix, with Michael B. Jordan up for the lead role. Since then the proposed writer of the reboot, Zak Penn, has said that it won't BE a reboot or a remake and instead hinted that it will be a side story set in the world of The Matrix. There's certainly no shortage of stories to be told from the iconic film and now there might be word on where Warner Bros. would like to start. It seems that Jordan won't be headlining a Matrix reboot but a young Morpheus movie instead.

Initially, it was reported by THR that Warner Bros. was interested in a reboot of The Matrix, with the possibility of side films contributing to a larger Matrix universe. Now Birth.Movies.Death. is reporting that sources have told them that WB is not interested in a Matrix reboot (wipes sweat off brow) but in "exploring expanded universe concepts." The popular idea around the WB offices is to begin with a young Morpheus movie starring Michael B. Jordan. Apparently, the studio has long favored a solo Morpheus film and has set up a writers room to mull over ideas for more Matrix concepts.

This report is further supported by Zak Penn (who was purportedly tasked with writing the reboot treatment), who clarified through a series of tweets that there was no Matrix reboot or remake but hinted that several side films set in the universe were in the works. It's unclear if Penn is scripting the Morpheus film, but one would imagine that he is at least a part of this writers room.

It's unclear if the Wachowskis will be involved with the young Morpheus project or any future Matrix-set films. It's been written that they have no official involvement, but that WB would at least like their blessing. The Wachowskis are the directors and writers of The Matrix Trilogy, whose unique style and influences helped launch the series to stardom (for the most part). Even minimal involvement with future projects would go a long way in some fans minds.

As to what this Morpheus film would be about is anyone's guess but there's certainly room for potential. Played by Laurence Fishburne in the original film and its two sequels, Morpheus was a leader of the last remnants of humanity. He was a staunch believer in the prophecy that one day The One would be found and lead humanity to victory against their machine oppressors. All in all, he was a seriously cool guy, and he could definitely support his own film -- especially with Michael B. Jordan at the center.

There's bound to be more Matrix-centric updates, as Warner Bros. has yet to confirm any of this, so keep checking in with CinemaBlend and we'll post new information as it becomes available.

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