New Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer May Explain Why Optimus Prime Has Gone Rogue

You can always count on a Michael Bay Transformers movie to bring the spectacle, even in trailer form. The newest spot for Transformers: The Last Knight has everything you could want from it, including a couple of answers. The latest, and likely last, trailer for the new Transformers movie is here and it finally shows us a bit of what's really going on with Optimus Prime. Check it out below.

When last we left Optimus Prime, he was heading off into outer space in search of answers about the existence of the Transformers. We now have a confirmation that he found them. We also discover that they apparently aren't very nice. We had seen these shots of Optimus Prime's eyes changing color, but here we see that this happens after another Transformer-like creature, who Prime calls his creator, has him chained up. The creature also apparently blames Prime for the destruction of Cybertron. It would seem that the Prime's goal here is to turn Earth into the new Cybertron, destroying it in the process. At the end of the trailer he's got some pretty ominous words about why he's doing what he's doing.

For my world to live, yours must die.

Assuming that whatever this thing is, actually is a creator, it appears we'll finally be getting some answers about exactly where the Transformers come from. The origin of the Transformers has never been particularly clear and has changed through different mediums so there are a few different directions the movie could decide to go. I'm holding out for the original animated series idea, the Quintessons. They were responsible for the creation of the Autobots and Decepticons in the series, and also once took control of the mind of Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime in Chains

We also get our first real look at the historical Transformers that apparently existed during Earth's past. We knew that the film was going to go back in time and show us both the era of King Arther as well as World War II. While the latter time period is still mostly a mystery, we do see a group of Transformers standing around the classic Round Table with swords drawn. We also see Optimus Prime beheading a group of Transformers with a single strike that could very well be the same ones.

Transformers with King Arthur

Beyond these story beats the trailer is full of the explosive action that we know we can count on Michael Bay to always provide. Transformers: The Last Knight arrives in theaters June 23.

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