The day all Star Wars fans have been waiting for since the release of 2015's The Force Awakens is almost upon us. Ok, maybe the second biggest day, since Star Wars: The Last Jedi isn't hitting theaters until December 15. Fortunately, the first trailer for the highly-anticipated movie is expected to drop in just a few days at Star Wars Celebration. While the packed convention will also double as the 40th anniversary celebration of the franchise set in a galaxy far, far away, you can bet that this trailer is one of the most anticipated events for those in attendance, and those of us at home, too.

As is the case with most teaser trailers, we don't expect Star Wars: The Last Jedi's first preview to reveal too much about the plot, if anything at all. That being said, we've gathered together the primary moments we'd like the trailer to show off that wouldn't spoil anything important and would get us extra excited for the blockbuster.

Rey Training With Luke Skywalker

Rey didn't just travel to Ahch-To with Chewbacca and R2-D2 to give Luke Skywalker his lightsaber back. Now that she's found the reclusive Jedi Master, she'll train with him so she can hone her already impressive Force skills and move closer to becoming a Jedi. The special footage screened at a Disney investors conference last month showed Rey practicing with the lightsaber and levitating pebbles and dirt around her hand with the Force. Whether we see one of these moments in the trailer or something brand new, catching a glimpse of how Rey learning from the man who almost succeeded in rebuilding the Jedi Order would be welcomed.

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