How The Rock Celebrated The Fate Of The Furious' Huge Opening Weekend

One of the best parts of living are the little wins. The days we impress a new love interest or win a free lottery ticket. The days we pay for someone's coffee in the drive-thru. An event like your movie becoming a huge box office success would likely be a much bigger win than any of these, but thinking about those little wins still should help us to get a gauge of how Dwayne Johnson is feeling after his new movie The Fate of the Furious absolutely dominated at the box office this weekend. Here's how he celebrated the big win with the fans:

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Earlier this weekend, Dwayne Johnson took to social media to share that he took a break from working out to thank fans for all of the box office love. He mentioned he's grateful for how the movie has done, but like the true work horse he is, he had to get back to working out. You can't be too fast or furious without being in great shape. At the time of his post, he wasn't totally sure that The Fate of the Furious had reached the box office heights the movie was then rumored to be hitting this weekend. Luckily, a bit of time has passed since the original post, and it now looks as if The Fate of The Furious made $532.5 million overseas.

Domestically, the movie was not quite so high, but it didn't matter. The Fate of the Furious did very well for a big budget April release, bringing in over $101 million domestically. This, however, puts the flick behind its two previous predecessors during opening weekend in the United States. Regardless, the movie also opened in China and elsewhere this weekend. It was in China that the flick crushed expectations leading to the huge record-breaking opening, an opening that will go down in history as the biggest global opening so far. Reports indicate the numbers mean that The Fate of the Furious beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens' opening weekend; however, that may have come because the Disney movie opened a few weeks late in China.

If you've been keeping tabs on early box office reports, you may have seen the success of the movie coming. Early last week, we learned The Fate of the Furious had already broken a record in China, selling $18.1 million's worth of pre-sale tickets days before the movie actually hit theaters this weekend. There's been a lot of tracking of the movie this weekend, and it's nice to see that Dwayne Johnson is even keeping tabs on how his movie is doing.

The Rock is a man who should be used to being a draw for theaters. He's had hits with previous Fast and Furious films, as well as movies like Moana, Central Intelligence, San Andreas, and more. He's also got a slew of upcoming projects on the books, so the ranks of his successful movies are likely to grow in the months to come. You can take a look at all the movies Dwayne Johnson has coming up or peruse our full list of upcoming flicks as The Fate of the Furious continues selling tickets.

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