Can Deadpool Regenerate His Penis? Here's What Creator Rob Liefeld Says

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Everyone knows that Deadpool is not opposed to cracking a good, old-fashioned dick joke from time to time. After all, one of his final remarks in 2016's Deadpool was the fact that his transformation into a grotesque mercenary had endowed him with a "super penis." This raises all sorts of questions about the limitations of his healing factor, but now it seems that we can definitively confirm that Wade Wilson can regrow his most important parts from below the belt whenever they sustain damage. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld explained:

Yes, yes. We would never, ever live in a world where Deadpool can't regenerate his own cock and balls.

In a recent interview with Inverse, Rob Liefeld opened up about Wade Wilson's dramatic healing factor and explained that he definitely could recover from the most gruesome of injuries to his groinal region. We are pretty sure that "cock and balls" isn't an accepted technical phrase in the medical community, but you get the idea; Deadpool's manhood can take a beating (self-inflicted or otherwise) and keep on trucking. All it takes is an aggressive healing factor -- the kind of which plenty of other mutants also have.

Rob Liefeld technically didn't even need to cite Wade as the example of how this works. We can easily check the comic book history of Wolverine for precedent. Specifically, the iconic scene in Garth Ennis' legendary Punisher run in which Frank Castle blows off Wolverine's junk and remarks about how they will eventually grow back.

Punisher shoots Wolverine

Wolverine's penis may have grown back after that incident, but not before The Punisher left him whimpering on the floor. Remember, healing factors don't block pain, and there's no adamantium in Wolverine's nether region, so he felt every moment of that blast. Deadpool has survived all sorts of nasty encounters with bad guys, but we doubt he would handle that situation any better.

Of course, this raises one more critical question about the strength and speed of Deadpool's healing factor. His first solo movie showed audiences that more complex body parts take longer to grow back than simple cuts, bruises, and bullet holes. If Deadpool were to have his entire penis blown off in the midst of combat, it is possible that we could have a "baby hand" situation on our hands.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Blind Al baby hand scene

We can neither confirm nor deny if that is how it would play out. All we know for certain is that Wade Wilson will likely make Josh Brolin's Cable watch if it happens. He's a weird guy, so we would never put it past him.

Given the profound nature of this question, we will have to wait and see whether or not it receives a live-action answer when Deadpool 2 debuts in theaters in 2018. Make sure to get yourself up to speed on everything we currently know about the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

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