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The Fate of the Furious is currently still in theaters, but the franchise has already been pushing forward with ninth and 10th installments, which were announced prior to the movie absolutely dominating at the worldwide box office. Recently however, longtime Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson was asked how he feels about continuing the cycle of movies in the franchise, and he had a very economic answer. Here's how the actor feels about more movies:

Hey man listen, it's like real estate. If you keep flipping, you buy a house for $40,000 grand and sell it for $200 [grand], why get out of the real estate game?

It's certainly not costing Universal only $40K to produce one of these films, but the point still stands. The Fate of the Furious was made on a reported $250 million budget, and in its first weekend alone it brought in more than $544 million worldwide. Of course, a lot of that money was made overseas, where the studios make less money off of each individual ticket sell, but it's certainly still not a shabby place to be. As Tyrese Gibson noted to TMZ, if the studio is making mad money off of the movies, there's no reason to stop making more.

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One way that Fast and Furious stands out from a lot of other long-term projects is that the franchise has maintained a relatively stable cast over the years. Paul Walker's untimely death has meant that Brian and Mia are no longer a part of the story, and characters like Han, Gisele and others have been killed off, but the whole core premise in the Fast and Furious movies is family, and Dom, Letty and Roman, as well as characters like Tej and Hobbs these days, have maintained a core unit in the movies. Not every popular franchise--on TV and in the movies--gets the luxury of churning out movies on a fairly regular basis, much less keeping the majority of its leads while it does that.

Because The Fate of the Furious is still in theaters, we don't know a ton about what Fast 9 will look like, although it seems as if Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are putting their issues with each other behind them for the sake of the franchise. Oh, and Kurt Russell would be potentially open to coming back, provided Fast 9 made an effort to be better than previous movies in the franchise. Recent reports indicate the franchise will be ending after the 10th movie, but as Tyrese Gibson notes, that may just be the end of Fast as we know it. If Universal is still making money, it could be time for a reboot of sorts. But again, I'm just spitballing.

While we wait for new Fast and Furious movies, be sure to catch The Fate of the Furious in theaters, and check out what is coming soon with our full movies schedule.

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