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3 Cool New Capabilities Spider-Man's Suit Will Have In Homecoming

We've seen a lot of Spider-Man on the big screen over the last several years, however, that doesn't mean that the newest version doesn't have something new to show when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits the screens later this year. A new video highlights three brand new abilities that Spider-Man will have in the new movie thanks to the upgrades provided by Tony Stark. Check out the video below.

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While all of these clips were part of the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer that was released, the video posted to Twitter allows us to focus on them and doesn't bury them as "blink and you'll miss it moments" as they were there. Whether these were upgrades that the Spider Suit had in Captain America: Civil War that just didn't get used or if they're new upgrades that have happened since then, is not clear, but either way they're new to us.

First, we have the fact that the suit has an "auto-fit" feature, which allows the costume to tighten and conform to Peter Parker's body. This may be one of the great revelations in superhero history, as it has always been a question how any of the heroes have been able to fit inside suits that fit so tightly around their wearer. While the technology behind the auto-fit doesn't make a lot of sense, the need for it certainly does.

Next, we see the fact that the spider insignia on the costume isn't simply a logo to advertise his name to super villains. It's actually a remote drone that can detach itself from the suit and go flying off in order to record and transmit data back to Peter. We're certainly curious to see how this particular piece of technology gets put to use as it seems incredibly useful at keeping Spider-Man out of direct danger a lot of the time.

Finally, we have the proximity mine webbing, that shows Spider-Man firing a blast of webbing, which then explodes itself, getting an incoming thug caught up against a nearby wall. Of the three pieces of tech shown off here, this is the only one we can recall having actually seen used in the comics. The other two appear to be original concepts for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Of course, as cool as all this new technology is, from what we've seen, Peter Parker may not have too much time to enjoy it. The film's most recent trailer has already informed us that at some point, Tony Stark will take the suit he designed back, leaving Peter to go back to fighting crime in his red and blue gym clothes. Still, we're looking forward to whatever other bells and whistles Stark provided to Peter when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits the screen July 5.

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