Despite having limited screen time compared to the other participating superheroes, Tom Holland's Spider-Man was one of the best parts of Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, which of course made many moviegoers all the more excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now with 2016 nearing its conclusion, the first official trailer for the Wall-Crawler's first solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, and there was a lot to take in.

Striking a fine balance between action and comedy, the Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser trailer gave us our first idea of what an MCU Spider-Man movie will feel like. By now, I assume most of you have watched the trailer at least once, so let's dive into the coolest things the preview had to offer.

The Thieving Avengers

As much fun as it is to watch Spider-Man battle super villains, sometimes it's nice to see him take on normal, everyday street criminals. Well, in this case, the bad guys do have two things distinguishing themselves from your normal band of robbers. One, they're armed with impressive technology, allowing them to easily cut into ATMs. Two, they're wearing masks "disguising" themselves as the Avengers. Nevertheless, even with their sci-fi toys and desire to give Earth's Mightiest Heroes a bad name, they're no match for the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, who easily defeats the group of ne'er-do-wells with his enchanted strength, agility and webs. They're down for the count, but that still begs the question of where they obtained that technology. Perhaps from someone who likes to tinker?

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