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Wonder Woman

We're just about a month away from the feature film debut of the most popular superhero to never get a big screen outing. Wonder Woman is almost here and now we know how much time we'll get to spend with her. According to the receipt of a UK filmgoer who has pre-purchased tickets to the movie, Wonder Woman has a runtime of 141 minutes.

The 2 hour and 21 minute run time is also what's listed now by IMDB, which would seem to confirm the number posted to Reddit. The length is just about right as it puts Wonder Woman's DC Extended Universe origin story film only two minutes shorter than Man of Steel, the film that introduced Superman. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice clocked in at 2 hours and 31 minutes. All this makes it seem like Suicide Squad got seriously shortchanged as their movie only barely broke the two-hour mark.

In the end, a film's runtime is by no means a determination of its level of quality. A bad movie that's long is just a slog and if the movie is good then that means we won't even notice if the film in 90 minutes or 150 minutes. Still, if the movie was significantly shorter than other DCEU films that would certainly be an indication of, well, something being different about Wonder Woman, and so it's good to see that, at least as a movie, Wonder Woman seems to be fitting in nicely with the rest of the franchise.

Recently, there has been some concern that Wonder Woman isn't being given the same marketing push that other DC movies have received. While Warner Bros. has reportedly spent over $3 million on the movie, which is significant, it's possible that the advertising for Wonder Woman has been a bit more targeted, while ads for other DC films have been more broadly distributed. Either way, there is clearly a perception that Wonder Woman is being treated differently, though at least when it comes to the amount of time that the lead character will have to make her case on screen it seems she'll have just as much time to play as the boys.

There are a lot of hopes and expectations tied to Wonder Woman. DC and Warner Bros. certainly hope the film will be a huge summer movie as all the previous DCEU films have been. At the same time, there is a hope that this one will also bring the critical acclaim that the previous entries have been lacking. Fans are excited to see the first female-led comic book movie of any kind. This is also DC"s last film before their big Justice League team-up this fall and success with Wonder Woman will only build anticipation for that one.

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