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The public still has two weeks to go until Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant is released into theaters, and those two weeks are going to be a little unbearable. We say this because last night was the film's global premiere in London, and there have been some interesting reactions to the latest chapter in the sci-fi masterpiece's canon, making us intrigued about the movie more than ever. So it's only natural that we scoop some of the reactions to the film, and serve it to you guys for a nice preview of what the reaction to the film may be when it opens.

We'll start with Anastasia Takis, who snapped a pretty sweet picture of the green carpet, and gave Alien: Covenant a glowing recommendation:

Next up is Paul Shirey, editor in chief of JoBlo, who provided a lot of really good insight into what he felt Alien: Covenant stood for. Out of that whole tweetstorm, this one message really encapsulates that the movie may be more complex than certain viewers may be ready for:

Meanwhile, Hero Collector had this to say, in anticipation of its full compliment of thoughts:

Fan Ben Jennings had some interesting thoughts on Alien: Covenant, specifically as it pertains to the rest of the Alien series. He was less pumped about the movie, but still on the positive side:

Meanwhile, Aaron Percival reported in with some spoiler free opinions on the film's final act:

But for those of you who are still reeling from the betrayal some felt Prometheus turned out to be, Aaron Samuel has some words to comfort your Xenomorph loving minds:

This was a screening with fans, so there hasn't really been a ton of negative comments related to Alien: Covenant yet. While that's a good sign for now, it's also something to keep in mind before nabbing your own tickets. While film fans seem to have enjoyed Ridley Scott's big "course correction" in the Alien universe, there's still a chance that this film might see fewer glowing reviews once the critics get out their pens. For now though, we'll have to temper out expectations, and wait for the film to arrive on May 19. We won't have to wait too long, thankfully.

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