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Jared Leto Kissed A Male Co-Star During Suicide Squad Filming, Because Method Acting

Ike Barinholtz in Suicide Squad

We've heard a lot of stories about the sort of character that Jared Leto was while playing the Joker in Suicide Squad. Now another co-star has come out to talk about the wild stuff the actor did while filming. Ike Barinholtz is a comedian an actor that you've seen in numerous TV shows and movies. His most well-known role, however, was likely that of Griggs, a supporting character in last summer's Suicide Squad. The actor has a major scene with Jared Leto's Joker in the movie and apparently while filming Leto went a little overboard.

He's supposed to be intimidating me ... he starts squeezing my tits. And then he fucking grabs me and kisses me. Like, on the mouth, full kisses me.

The details of Jared Leto getting up close and personal came from a recent appearance by Ike Barinholtz on the Howard Stern Show. In Suicide Squad the Joker is working on a way to free Harley Quinn and so he grabs Griggs, who is a security officer at the facility where the nano bombs that are keeping her in check are being produced. In the final version of the sequence, the Joker gets what he needs from Griggs through pure fear and intimidation, but apparently, during one take Jared Leto decided to take things a bit further. Barinholtz says that initially he went with it and tried to improv the scene but eventually he had to stop when Leto added the line, "Did somebody piss their pants?"

The idea of The Joker kissing Griggs in their scene is far from shocking. Based on the way the scene plays out it's a good bet that many in the audience were fully expecting Leto to go there.

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

All things considered, Jared Leto randomly kissing a guy during filming may still be the least weird thing he did during the production of Suicide Squad. The actor was famously in character during the entire shoot. We all saw the stories about the bizarre "gifts" that he sent to his co-stars that included animals, both dead and living, bullets, and condoms. While the feelings toward his performance in the final film are not all glowing, nobody can argue with his commitment to the performance.

At this point, nobody knows what's next for The Joker or Jared Leto in the DCEU, or if those two things will even be related. If they are we can likely expect more crazy stories, which will at least keep us entertained until the movie comes out.

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