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Watch This Snazzy Couple Battle With Lightsabers At Their Wedding

If there's one thing about marriage that scares the bejesus out of most brides and grooms, it's the thought of the first dance. An awful lot of pressure comes with throwing down your best moves alongside the love of your life, especially when it has to be done in a romantic manner in front of all of your friends and family who are watching within close proximity. But one rather ingenious couple found a way around this dilemma, as they decided to simply forgo their first dance in favor of a lightsaber battle, and it has quickly become the most romantic thing that I've ever seen. Watch it for yourself!

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The couple that decided to have a lightsaber fight instead of a first dance were Jessica and Allen Bricker of Hoagland, Indiana. Footage of their back and forth with the intergalactic weapons soon started to appear on Facebook courtesy of their guests, who were instantly taken aback by how poetic, romantic and outrageously nerdy the entire incident was.

Allen Bricker has since explained that the pair decided to fully incorporate Star Wars into their wedding party in this fashion after their original plan to wed on May 4, which is roundly recognized as Star Wars day, fell through. It was Jessica's mother, and now Allen's mother-in-law, that put a stop to the wedding being on May 4, which she did because that would have meant a Thursday ceremony. May 6 was the next best option for the pair, but they didn't stop them from wanting to honor Star Wars in at least some small fashion, which is when the idea for a choreographed lightsaber battle was first presented.

It worked an absolute treat, too, as those in attendance were left with their mouths aghast at just how outrageous and stupendous a dalliance it was. Fair play to the DJ, who made sure to pick John Williams' "Duel Of The Fates," which debuted in the lightsaber duel between Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace, instead of a generic piece of music from the franchise. Clearly the real stars of the piece are Allen and Jessica, though, who both recognized that this was probably their best ever chance to truly inhabit the Jedi within them, and so they went full pelt into smacking each other around with their lightsabers.

While their efforts were faultless, it's clear from the footage that not everyone in attendance was quite on the same wave-length as the duo. They also probably took umbrage with the fact that Allen got married in denim jeans, but I say that he deserves mad props for wearing such casual of garments on what's usually the most hectic of days. They were drowned out by the bountiful laughs and proud guffaws from Allen and Jessica's closest friends and family that loved every single second of their efforts, though. The kiss at the end was also proof that they'd both picked the light side of the Force, and let's hope that live happily ever after, they will.