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The Worst Parts Of Playing A Xenomorph In Alien

tom woodruff in aliens

If you've ever paid attention to the superhero movie and TV circuit, you may already know that the super suits are often darn uncomfortable. However, it's not just superhero movies that feature characters with uncomfortable costumes. In fact, Tom Woodruff Jr, who played the original Xenomorph in Alien and reprised the character in other projects, recently revealed a list of woes that accompanied getting to play the character for it's big screen debut. This includes not being able to use the bathroom for long periods of time among other issues. Here's what he said:

There was no opening that would allow, you know, easy access for a bathroom break. Particularly since my hands were glued on, I wouldn't want anybody else... doing it for me. I just don't have that kind of, um, I don't have that affection with anybody else, that I would trust to do that, just the right way.

I know he's talking about bathroom breaks here, or the lack thereof, and that in itself would be the worst. However, I find myself focusing more on the part where he says the Xenomorph's hands were glued on, forcing me to think horrible thoughts about how the crew got those hands off at the end of every day/ what Tom Woodruff Jr. did when he had an itch. I'm sure it wasn't that bad and that there were pros to the role, but it's making me itch, too, just thinking about it.

Not being able to use the bathroom wasn't the only problem that Tom Woodruff Jr. encountered when hopping into the Xenomorph suit. Additionally, the man in the suit for Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem told Vanity Fair that he couldn't even take lunch breaks and would just sit alone on the empty set, waiting for filming to resume...

It would be horrible. I would just sit there in the dark and think, 'Oh, if I could just fall asleep.'

If you've been paying attention to the new movie Alien: Covenant, you may already know that the new movie in the franchise will feature a Xenomorph that has mostly been done in CGI, although Ridley Scott has said a dude in a Xenomorph head did serve as the basis for the performance. At the time, he also said the practical effects used in past films actually worked really well, but clearly there were downsides to wearing a crazy costume for days on end, as Tom Woodruff Jr. himself is noting. There are certainly both pros and cons to practical effects and CGI effects--and even to bringing the Xenomorph back--and we'll be able to see more of the latter this weekend, as Alien: Covenant is officially out on May 19. Here's more of what we know about the movie.

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