Will Another Major League Sequel Happen? Here's What Charlie Sheen Says

Charlie Sheen Major League

The original Major League is a well-remembered comedy from the end of the 1980s. The sequels, not so much. We thought the franchise was dead, but now Charlie Sheen has spoken out about it. According to Sheen, not only is another Major League movie possible, it's very nearly a reality. The actor says that a script exists, the director is on board, as is "everybody" from the original two films. The only thing missing is a studio willing to finance the picture.

TMZ caught up with Charlie Sheen outside a gas station in L.A. and he was asked what he was currently working on. In this random of all places, Sheen decided to break the news that a new Major League is really close to happening. David Ward, who directed the first two Major League movies, and also wrote the original, has apparently penned the script for the new movie and is willing to direct as well. Sheen says that "everybody" will be back for this new film. The only exception being James Gammon, who played Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown. He passed away in 2010. One assumes that everybody does include Corbin Bernsen, Tom Berringer, Dennis Haysbert, Rene Russo, and Bob Uecker. The only question would be, who will play Willie Mays Hayes? The role was originated by Wesley Snipes, but taken over by Omar Epps in the sequel.

In talking with TMZ, Charlie Sheen says he's working on Major League 3 though we do need to point out, there technically already was a third Major League movie. While it didn't have that title, it did include a few of the lesser characters from Major League 2, as well as the debut of Scott Bakula in the franchise. We're guessing there probably won't be a role for him in this new film, but we can dream.

It's been more than 20 years since Charlie Sheen played the role of Cleveland Indians pitcher Rick Vaughn in Major League 2, and that sequel was not particularly well received. We're not sure a return to the series was something anybody was asking for. Even if it was, considering the current Hollywood climate, a reboot starring an entirely new cast would seem to be the more likely response. Sheen has previously revealed some details about what the new movie would actually be about. It's an idea that might even work.

Still, nostalgia is a powerful thing so another Major League movie is far from a longshot. We'll wait and see if Sheen can find a studio who's willing to put the money on the line to make this one happen.

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