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The Top Gun Actor Who Is Already Ready To Rejoin Tom Cruise For Top Gun 2

The 1986 film Top Gun has risen to cult film status in the years following its initial release thanks to its many memorable scenes, quotes, and that Kenny Loggins theme song. A sequel to the film has long been spoken of, but Tom Cruise recently made it official when he confirmed that is was "definitely happening." It's been over 30 years since we've seen the high-flying Maverick, but what would he be without his rival Iceman? Val Kilmer is making sure that everyone knows that he is down to play with the boys once again.

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Taking to Twitter, Val Kilmer shared a photo of himself wearing a "cool as ice" Iceman t-shirt. In Top Gun, Kilmer played LT Tom "Iceman" Kazanski, a hotshot flyboy who knew how to keep things cool up in the air. Kilmer wrote in his tweet that he still had his "Top Gun plaque," and he's "still got the moves!". Kilmer is clearly ready to join Top Gun 2 and is just waiting for the phone call. That call is likely to come too, because it's tough to picture there being a Top Gun movie without Iceman.

In the film, Iceman was the rival to Tom Cruise's Maverick, the two of them possessing near equal skill as pilots, but with entirely different composures. Maverick was, well, a maverick who flew by his own rules, while Iceman was cool This led to the two of them butting heads quite frequently, whether it was in the sky, in the locker room, or on the volleyball courts. Despite being kind of a jerk, Iceman was proven to be right in the film, as Maverick's reckless attitude led to unnecessary casualties. In the end, the two of them settle their differences and become friendly rivals.

With so much time passed since the original film, it's unknown what Iceman has been up to all these years. Maybe he's still out there in the skies leading a bunch of young hotshots, or maybe he took a page out of Maverick's book and eventual became a flight instructor at Top Gun. Whatever the case may be, I'd be pretty surprised if Val Kilmer didn't have some kind of role in Top Gun 2.

Top Gun 2 has been in development since 2010. At first, original director Tony Scott expressed an interest in directing the sequel, but his tragic suicide in 2012 left the future of the movie unclear. The project seemed to pick up more steam with Justin Marks apparently writing a script for the sequel and Tom Cruise announcing that they would be relying on CGI as little as possible. The jets will be real people, and you can bet Cruise will be in the cockpit as much as he can.

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