Tom Holland Really Wants One Of These A-Listers To Play Sully In The Uncharted Movie

Tom Holland

The Uncharted movie appears to be ready to get moving now that they've cast Tom Holland in the lead. However, the film will need at least one more major casting decision, and Holland has ideas. During a recent interview the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor was asked who he'd like to see play the role of Nathan Drake's friend and mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan and Holland suggested a pair of names, including a fellow member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I think Jake Gyllenhaal could be really cool. But I actually went to the Jurassic World [2] film set the other day to visit my friend who's directing it and Chris Pratt is on that film, who I've become very good friends with over the last few months. I think he would be a great Sully, I think it could be cool. Because if it was an older movie, I would say that Chris should play Nathan, but I think he would be a cool Sully, and I love working with Chris, so if I could work with Chris some more that would be great.

The Uncharted film was announced as going in a very different direction recently when Tom Holland was cast as lead character Nathan Drake. A good 15 years younger than the character is when we meet him in the first game, it has been decided that the film will act as an origin story of the Indiana Jones-esque adventurer. Therefore, Drake's mentor Sully, who is in his fifties or sixties through the four console games in the series, will also need to be a significantly younger character. Holland Tells Yahoo that he thinks Chris Pratt or Jake Gyllenhaal would make a great Sully.

Chris Pratt

Tom Holland himself suggests that if the Uncharted film was doing a more traditional version of the story, Chris Pratt would make an exceptional Nathan Drake. Since Pratt has been leading a lot of action franchises these days, we can't help but agree that his name would certainly be in the running. While Sully isn't necessarily just an older version of the Nathan Drake character in the games, it isn't a completely ridiculous idea for the movie to establish that sort of relationship. To that end, Pratt wouldn't necessarily be a bad choice.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is a bit of a different choice, but it's one we can get behind. While not necessarily known for action films Gyllenhaal has done his share, including video game movies, and he's got more coming up with The Division, which he's already signed on to be part of.

To be sure, both of the actors seem to be a bit on the young side, as Sully is about 25 years older than Drake in the games and Holland, at 20, isn't quite young enough to see either of these actors, both in their late 30s, as a father figure. Still, if Holland is looking to play his role a bit younger than he is, and if the other actor does the work to look a bit older, we could have something here.

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