How Spider-Man: Homecoming Landed Tom Holland The Uncharted Movie Gig

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Sony has been working for years to try and get a movie based on video game Uncharted off the ground, now the studio appears to have found a way, the unlikely choice of Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake. Holland is pretty close to the last choice that we would have guessed, but apparently, Sony loves Spider-Man: Homecoming so much, that they're retooling the Uncharted movie intro a prequel story in order to bring Holland into the film. According to a new report, Sony studio head Tom Rothman was the one who made the decision following his viewing of the most recent cut of Homecoming.

Tom Halland wowed fans when he debuted the MCU version of Spider-Man during Captain America: Civil War and it appears that his first solo effort is only increasing the actor's stature. Spider-Man: Homecoming is technically still a Sony film as they still have the film rights to the character, even though it's being produced in partnership with Marvel. Uncharted is also a Sony property since it was created by Naughty Dog, a game studio owned by the company's Computer Entertainment (PlayStation) division. Since it's all in the family, it appears it was a fairly simple process to shift Holland from one major Sony film project to the other.

Of course, the decision to bring Tom Holland into the Uncharted movie is an interesting one. The character of Nathan Drake is portrayed as much older in the four games that have been produced in the series. The last actor attached to the role was Mark Wahlberg, and Nathan Fillion is still the fan favorite choice to play the part. As such, the new movie, which is currently undergoing it's most recent script iteration, will be developed as a prequel story that takes place prior to the games. For inspiration, according to Deadline, they'll be using a game sequence in Uncharted: Drake's Deception, the third game in the series, where you play a chapter that takes place 20 years before the rest of the game, where a young Nathan Drake meets his friend and colleague Victor "Sully" Sullivan for the first time.

In the end, it's going to be a great script and great performances that make for a great Uncharted movie, and perhaps the diversion from the source material will give Shawn Levy and the rest of his team the freedom to make something that's unique. And if the movie is a hit, we could certainly see several more Uncharted movies where we can watch Tom Holland grow into the Nathan Drake that we're more familiar with.

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