Ben Stiller And Vince Vaughn Staged A Dodgeball Reunion, Check It Out

It's been over a decade since Ben Stiller went up against Vince Vaughn in the movies' most epic game of dodgeball ever seen. Now they're going to do it again. The pair of actors have come together to film a video that promotes a charity dodgeball game that will bring the Purple Cobras and the Average Joes together again. This time, you have the ability to join in the game. Check out the video, below.

The video comes from the charity fundraising organization Omaze, who works with movie frequently to help support numerous charities. We've seen them set up walk-on roles in Star Wars movies and offer red carpet premiers to various Marvel films, but this time rather than attaching their promotion to a new project, they're going back in time and picking up an older, though very popular, comedy, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Ben Stiller hosts the video completely in character as White Goodman, and he looks like he just stepped off the set of the movie, nothing has changed. He offers to play dodgeball with the lucky winner of the Omaze drawing, before Vince Vaughn, Justin Long, and Christine Taylor all arrive and offer to let the winner join their team instead. Apparently, there will be a reenactment of the finale of the movie that anybody might be lucky enough to take part in.

According to the Omaze website, the winner will receive airfare and hotel accommodations to the event, the opportunity to play dodgeball with the group, a photograph with everybody in a custom jersey, and pizza after the game with Ben Stiller. Proceeds from the drawing will benefit the Stiller Foundation, a charity founded by the actor which helps children by providing them with educational opportunities, primarily in Haiti.

Needless to say, if you're a fan of Dodgeball, then this would be a lot of fun. The only thing that's not 100% clear here is whether the actors will be playing the game in character. Playing dodgeball with Ben Stiller would be great, playing with White Goodman would be better. We're guessing that since the promo video is shot entirely in character, that's how the game will go down. It sounds like a great deal of fun, and a fantastic way to raise money for a cause. It's not a bad way to spend a few bucks if you've got the money to spare. You can get a chance to win for as little as $10 and have about the next two months to enter, so if you'd like to play dodgeball with the cast of Dogeball, go donate. Also, you can bring a friend, so, call us?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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