These Pixar Superfans Turned Their Bedroom Into Andy's Room From Toy Story

If you thought you loved Pixar's Toy Story you've got a fairly high bar to clear. A pair of brothers have turned one of their rooms into an exact replica of Andy's room from the third film. This isn't simply a project for fun. The brothers are using the room as a set, as they are currently working on a complete remake of Toy Story 3 using actual toys and stop-motion animation. We have to say, their attention to detail is pretty impressive. As you can see in the image below, they've recreated everything from the posters on the wall to Andy's whiteboard. The window isn't even real, it's actually a picture of the outside placed in a picture frame.

Toy Story 3 in real life

The brothers are named Morgan and Mason McGrew and to say they are obsessed with the Toy Story movies would seem to sell obsession short. They've been working on their "real life" version of Toy Story 3 for years already, starting in 2011, and they anticipate they've got another couple years of work as Yahoo reports they expect to be done in mid-2019. Stop motion animation with the toys is a painstaking enough process, but clearly, they spent a significant amount of time simply designing their set. They went so far as to build Andy's bed, including the stickers stuck to the headboard.

Toy Story 3 in real life

We have to say, the work that the McGraw brothers have done looks impressive. They've kept the film's original audio and simply have it running over their own animation. It works remarkably well in the scenes they've shown off and the final product does seem like it will be entertaining and watchable.

Still, the most interesting thing may be that they didn't simply recreate Andy's room in some spare room in the house. The room that looks like Andy's room belongs to Mason McGraw, it's the room that he presumably sleeps in every night. It takes a certain kind of fan to want to wake up inside Toy Story every morning. Seeing the toys standing around might be a little surreal, like you expect them to start moving and talking to you.

Toy Story 3 in real life

We're certainly looking forward to seeing the final product sometime in 2019. Click over to page two for a video showing more of their production.

Dirk Libbey
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