New Video Attempts To Find The Flaws In Toy Story 3

Pixar sequels are a rare breed of film, as they're both pleasantly welcomed and absolutely abhorred. But, of course, no matter how good your Pixar sequel is, there's going to be a couple of sins just lying around, waiting for Jeremy and his crew at Cinema Sins to catalog them into an easily watchable video. Which brings us to the list of 96 sins that are present in Toy Story 3, a movie that wrapped up a franchise so beautifully that it always left the door open for a sequel.

Cinema Sins cataloged those sins in their usually droll fashion, and there were even some sins that were knocked off of the final tally, all in the name of childhood nostalgia. Though as much as ridiculous things like the running time of the opening logos manage to easily fit onto this list, there's also some obvious problems that even the most devoted Toy Story fan could pick out of Toy Story 3's plotline. The greatest, of course, is the repetition of some of the jokes and plot devices of various Toy Story films in the past. After all, Lotso wasn't the first toy to get dumped for some new fad, especially in a universe where we'd seen Jessie get dumped in a ditch.

Upon first glance, Toy Story 3 may have seemed like an easy extension of the Toy Story brand. However, despite its well-worn tropes and surprises, the film manages to win over most hearts in the end. Though considering Toy Story 4 is happening, whether fans like it or not, that same luck that's kept the trilogy in well regard is about to be pressed harder than ever. Strangely enough, Toy Story 3 doesn't even have the most sins, as the second film has a total of 121 sins; though it's also not the least sin-worthy film, as the 1995 original has a count of 76 sins to its name.

As far as Pixar movies go, Cinema Sins has certainly seen worse, especially in this year's Finding Dory. While the overlap in Toy Story 3 may have been a bit repetitive, the redundancy is apparently stronger with the second talking fish film, which brought in 141 sins. What is it that makes Toy Story more of a sin-free effort than Finding Dory? Well, for starters, everyone can identify with the story of childhood toys coming to life, as most of our imaginations have that wild thought early on. Not to mention, Finding Nemo is probably the one Pixar flick that had the least logical path to a sequel, seeing as the first film sewed everything together nicely. After taking that factor into consideration, it looks like Toy Story 4 already has two strikes against.

Overall, you're only as good as your last picture, and Toy Story 3 was clearly still coasting on enough goodwill from the first two runs that its third, and previously presumed final, voyage went out with a bang and a stern warning. We'll have to wait until 2019 to see just how well Toy Story 4 fairs with audiences, which means we'll probably see Jeremy and Cinema Sins ripping it a new one at about this time that same year.

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