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While Wonder Woman's leather costume might be a little extreme for most social situations, some ladies who are passionate about the fanbase have found another way to pay tribute to the film. A slew of movie-loving ladies on the Internet have put together the #WWgotyourback hashtage, which celebrates Wonder Woman carrying her sword in a ball gown while attending a black tie event undercover. This has led to some pretty cool imagery, including the one below, which shows a lady who managed to hide a sword in a dress with a whole bunch of cutouts. Check out that sweet look:

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I also really love this bride, who is totally fine with combining fandoms. You can check her out in a fluffy dress, complete with a Wonder Woman sword and, of course, Minnie Mouse ears.

But if you want your day to be as adorable as possible, this family helped their young daughter to try out the brand new Wonder Woman trend. I don't know if the sword look or that watermelon dress is more adorable but I. Can't. Stop. Looking.


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Some of the images are in Portuguese, showing that audiences in various parts of the world are all connecting with Wonder Woman. Some of the images use Minecraft swords or lightsabers, mixing fandoms. Some even use spoons or arrows or bats--items that better fit their specific personalities.

Not all of these swords in dresses have happy endings, however. One poor girl sacrificed her spaghetti strap for the sake of #WWgotyourback, joking that perhaps the dress wasn't meant to support a four foot piece of steal. It was certainly still worth the effort...

We're about to get into minor Wonder Woman spoilers in this paragraph. In the movie, Diana Prince is set to infiltrate an event filled with Germans, but Steve Trevor stops her, opting to put on a fake German accent and go in himself. Despite his plan, Diana commandeers the gown of another ball attendee and follows him in, keeping her sword close by attaching it to the back of her dress. Patty Jenkins made sure to focus on a shot of the sword in the dress during the sequence of events, and the moment has since become iconic.

wonder woman got your back

Wonder Woman has spent the last few weeks on the top of the box office charts, although it was just dethroned by Cars 3 over the past weekend. Granted, the movie still made over $40 million at the box office and should continue to do well in the weeks to come. We'll let you know if it eventually beats the box office intakes of other DC projects like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. For now, you can take a look at what the DCEU has coming up with our full list.

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