The Annabelle: Creation Trailer Is Creepy And Terrifying

Sometimes there's nothing better in the heat of summer than a horror movie to chill you to the bone. The Conjuring franchise hopes to fill that bill with its latest entry, a prequel to the prequel, Annabelle. The newest trailer shows us that the new film about the demonic doll looks ready to scare the hell out of people when it arrives in theaters this August.

As the title suggests, Annabelle: Creation takes us all the way to back to the beginning for the doll that looks so creepy somebody really should have figured out it was a monster much earlier. A couple losses their daughter tragically but believes that her spirit is visiting them, and wants to possess the doll. Unfortunately, the thing saying hello is not their daughter and they lock the doll away in order to be sure it doesn't hurt anybody.

Then, the couple invites a bunch of children into their home, because that's just the sort of thing that one does when they have a demon living in their closet. As to be expected, the monster gets out and takes over the body of a physically handicapped girl, which is just wrong in so many ways. From there we get a taste of the jump scares and other chill worthy moments that Annabelle: Creation has in store.

While the previous Annabelle movie did not review nearly as well as The Conjuring series that spawned it has done, the fact that horror movies like this tend to have remarkably low budgets tends to make them successful films at the box office regardless. Horror movie fans don't usually have the widest selection when it comes to their genre of choice which means that frequently movies like this will get a decent audience of the people who are starved for good scares. That being said, as long as the movie provides those scares there's little reason to worry about the rest of it.

One of the things that the original Annabelle was criticized for was "borrowing" its scary moments from other, better, horror movies. It's possible we'll be able to fault the sequel for doing the same thing, as the closing moments of the trailer I'm fairly certain I saw in one or more of the Ring movies.

Annabelle Creation well

Hopefully, Annabelle: Creation will give horror fans what they're looking for later this summer. The scary doll arrives in theaters August 11.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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