There are a lot of titles in the Netflix Instant universe, and they cover a wide variety of genres, tastes and subject matter. Some of it is abysmal, and some of it is pretty good. But only a proud few can call themselves the top of the heap, and those films deserve to be trumpeted. Which is why we, here, at CinemaBlend compiled this list of the 15 best films on Netflix's streaming service at this moment. All are honorable in their own right, and they're just waiting for you to hit "Play."

To Kill A Mockingbird

For most people, To Kill A Mockingbird is probably the first time they came across the dilemma of which was better: the book or the movie? In the case of Harper Lee's seminal novel of justice and doing what's right, the answer is that the two are equal. While Lee's words breathe life into the difficult story, the film version of the Finch family's efforts to get to the truth showcase the book's message in a way that stays true to the page, while giving so much depth to the proceedings. Of course, when Gregory Peck is playing the epitome of fatherly justice, that kind of thing tends to happen.

Full Metal Jacket

If you didn't know any better, you'd probably be surprised to be told that Full Metal Jacket is a film in the canon of director Stanley Kubrick. The first half of the film is so unlike most of the director's body of work that it's only a further highlight to an already versatile career. But then when you get to the second half, you can totally see the Kubrickian logic and characters shine through the Vietnam War epic. Put both halves together, and you've truly got something to behold.

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