Why Sex And The City 3 Should Happen, According To Miranda

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It's been seven years since the ladies of Sex and the City have graced the big screen. In that time, Sarah Jessica Parker has moved on to HBO's Divorce, and the other gals are busy with additional Broadway and TV projects. However, there's still a fanbase for Sex and the City out there, and about a year ago, Sarah Jessica Parker talked about the potential for a third movie. When asked how she feels about Sex and the City 3, Cynthia Nixon recently revealed she'd be happy to do a third movie, for one succinct reason:

It holds up. It really holds up.

The notion of three women living out their lives in New York City all while wearing ridiculously over-the-top fashion obviously can resonate in any day and age. In other good news, reportedly there's already even an idea for Sex and the City 3 in the works, as Sarah Jessica Parker mentioned previously that she and producer Michael Patrick King already do have an idea for a third feature length project. We don't have any clue at all as to what the project would be about.

If you're a fan of Sex and the City, you may already know that the likelihood of Sex and the City 3 happening soon is not that high. Sarah Jessica Parker has been open time and time again that the project is not a frontrunner for production. Her character, Carrie, is a key piece of the Sex and the City puzzle, and Parker is really busy with the aforementioned HBO series she both executive produces and stars in. Divorce has already received a Season 2 renewal from HBO, and that series doesn't look like it is going anywhere, anytime soon. And while Divorce doesn't occupy every single waking moment of Sarah Jessica Parker's time during a given TV year -- it only produces 10 episodes after all -- there's still the fact that she and Michael Patrick King would really need to push to get a third movie off of the ground. In addition, all the other leading ladies, including Cynthia Nixon but also Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis, would need to have an open schedule to film, as well. At least we now know that Nixon would be in should the project ever move forward. Her comments at the The Wrap's Power Women's breakfast indicate she's keen, and that Sex and the City still holds up.

Indeed, there's enough love for the franchise that a third movie would be welcome, and not impossible down the line. We last saw the women have a ridiculous adventure in the UAE, after which Carrie was presented with a black diamond from Big, Samantha started a sexual relationship with a Dane, Charlotte got over her nanny issues and Miranda started a new job. Then again, it's been seven years since all of that happened. Who knows where the four ladies have been in the time since?

We'll let you know if and when Sex and the City 3 gets off of the ground.

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