The Power Rangers Backstory That Was Cut For Time

Zack in Power Rangers

Released a few months ago, Dean Israelite's Power Rangers is still at the front of the pop culture lexicon. While the film didn't make a great profit at the box office, we still haven't stopped dissecting and discussing every frame of the modern day adaptation. And with Power Rangers now available for home purchase (and accruing pretty great sales), the conversation has only increased. And director Dean Israelite has just opened up regarding one of the Ranger's backstories that didn't make it into the blockbuster: Zack the Black Ranger was apparently a budding Youtube star.

Dean Israelite and Blue Ranger actor RJ Cyler recently did an interview with Saban itself about the process of crafting the movie. It's here when Israelite revealed more about Zack's backstory, and why he was trying to use Youtube to make money for his ailing mother. He said:

In his original backstory, Zack was trying to kind of become a YouTube star and get money that way to help his mom, and so he was doing all these crazy stunts and posting it online.

Well, isn't that sweet. Zack's devotion to this mother was shown in Power Rangers, but this further explanation might show why he ended up being in the mine with the other Rangers.

Part of what made Power Rangers such an original and enjoyable ride was the backstories for the titular team of teenage titans. And aside from the inclusivity of the casting, each of the Rangers were shown to have a lot of heart. While Zack originally seemed liked a hot headed thrill seeker, he eventually returns home to take care of his sick mother. This gave the otherwise brash character some vulnerability, and his cut backstory helps to further establish both his personality and his relationship to his mother.

Zack's thrill chasing actually helps his actions in Power Rangers make more sense. He is first seen spying on Trini on top of mountain, and her bravery likely matches up with his. Toward the middle of the film, he takes the Mastodon Zord out for a joyride, nearly killing the rest of the Rangers in the process. And while it just seemed like he was being a dumb guy, his cut backstory reveals how thrills and stunts were apart of his daily life.

This type of world building and interesting character development is one of the highlights of Power Rangers for me. Each member of the team was multi-layered and set itself apart from the characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Additionally, the film had just about the most inclusive cast in superhero movie history, including a variety of races, a queer Ranger, and one on the autism spectrum. For that reason alone, I'd like to see the film given new life. But there hasn't been any news of a sequel yet.

Power Rangers is currently available for home purchase, and be sure to check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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