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There are about a million different reasons why we love superheroes, but one of the biggest is their endlessly awesome crime fighting outfits. It doesn't matter if they hail from the DCEU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even the Arrow-verse, superhero costumes balance functionality and beauty in some truly fascinating ways, and the live-action outfits seen on film and television over the years have seriously wowed us every step of the way. On that note, do you think you're an expert on superhero outfits? Check out our quiz below to see if you can identify all ten of the heroes behind these iconic wardrobe choices.

Looking for the answers? Continue on to see the results...

Thor The Dark World

Whose Costume Is This?


Thomas Jane The Punisher

Whose Costume Is This?

The Punisher

Falcon Captain America Civil War

Whose Costume Is This?


White Canary Legends of Tomorrow

Whose Costume Is This?

White Canary

Cyclops X Men Apocalypse

Whose Costume Is This?


War Machine Iron Man 2

Whose Costume Is This?

War Machine

Daredevil Matt Murdock

Whose Costume Is This?


Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Whose Costume Is This?

Wonder Woman

Stephen Amell Green Arrow

Whose Costume Is This?

Green Arrow

Batman V Superman Dark Knight Returns Ben Affleck

Whose Costume Is This?


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