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Rooney Mara Had Never Eaten Pie Before Filming A Ghost Story

Rooney Mara

One of the most interesting things about being an actor has to be all the interesting things they end up doing in order to play a role. For some, this means performing exciting stunts or playing a unique sport. For others, it means eating certain foods for the first time. Rooney Mara says that one of the scenes that interested her the most for her new film A Ghost Story was one in which her character ends up eating an entire pie. The scene really was something different for her, as apparently the actress had never eaten a pie before.

It was certainly something that popped out at me when I read it, that was one of the things I was really excited to do. So it doesn't surprise me that it's something that jumps out of the movie. It was such a unique way of showing grief, we've never seen anything like that before. And I'd actually never had pie before, that was my first and last pie.

Wait, hang on. What?

No, apparently this is true. In Rooney Mara's 32 years of life on the planet Earth, she had never before eaten any sort of pie. Needless to say, this admission to the Los Angeles Times is truly one of the strangest things we've heard in a long time. Who has never eaten a slice of pie in their life? I mean, not only is pie awesome, but there are so many different kinds of pie out there. Maybe you're not a fan of traditional fruit pies, and that's fine, but then you've got an entire selection of cream pies to choose from. The options are so limitless there's almost certainly going to be a pie out there you would like, right?

That being said, this information started a major dessert debate at the CinemaBlend offices which is still going on as I write this. Apparently, people's opinions on dessert can get quite strong. Also, not everybody understands that pie is superior to cake.

Of course, the next question that one must ask following this information is, "are you serious?" Of course, the LA Times did ask this question, and Rooney Mara explains why she has never eaten pie. It turns out, she was so anti-pie that she tried to get the production to substitute a different food for this scene.

Something about pie always grossed me out and I just never tried it before. And this came along and I tried making them switch it to something else, but [director] David [Lowery] really wanted it to be pie, so we did pie.

Since Rooney Mara says that this was her "last" pie as well as her first, she apparently wasn't converted to the pie side by her experience. Although, one assumes eating an entire pie in one take could turn anybody off even the best food. Though some of us are still wondering how somebody could be grossed out be pie.

Is Rooney Mara crazy or is she on to something? We need to get a definitive answer here so let us know your dessert preferences in the poll below.

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