Man With Down Syndrome Loses Movie Collection, Strangers Replace It

It was a fire that destroyed major movie buff Mark Orsillo Jr.'s collection and, in fact, nearly all of his possessions. While the loss of property and prized possessions would be difficult for anyone to handle, Orsillo Jr. has Down syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder, so losing his movie collection was extremely difficult for him. After the fire, his sister Danielle Devine took to social media to explain the situation and ask if anyone would be willing to contribute to Mark Orsillo Jr.'s new movie collection. People came out in the hundreds to oblige.

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Less than 24 hours after the initial post from Daniele Devine went viral this week, more than 300 movies were donated to help Mr. Orsillo rebuild his collection, movies including a Rocky collection and more. Mark, whose favorite movie is Rudy, has been an obsessive collector of films for years and had built a collection he was constantly reorganizing. Unfortunately, when the Wall Fire moved through Butte County, California, the family didn't have enough time to save everything, including Mark Orsillo Jr.'s prized collection of films.

Danielle Devine told Fox40 she thought she'd get a few responses to the post, but at the time of this writing it had been shared more than 1,400 times. The 34-year-old Orsillo has been informed about his new movie collection and had a nice response to what was happening, noting,

I'm really happy, Danielle said those movies are in the mail right now.

And some of them have clearly already shown up! Since the original post, Danielle has reworked her original post to mention a few more DVD's that Mark Orsillo, Jr. would love to own, including but not limited to Family Matters, Josh and Sam, and Touched By an Angel Seasons 3 through the finale. She also says that her brother could use a whole new set of clothing, since that perished in the fire along with his movie collection. As the donations keep coming in, a little semblance of the life Mark Orsillo, Jr. had before the fire is being restored.

The daily news grind is often filled with issues and other types of drama, so it's nice to hear about good people helping out one man in his little corner of the world. This sort of thing doesn't happen all the time in the world of movie news, so when it does, it puts an especially large smile on our faces. If you'd like to donate, the address information is available on Danielle's Devine's original post.

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