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Another Alternate Spider-Man Suit Just Dropped, And It Looks Awesome

Although it's been in theaters for a few weeks now, fans haven't stopped discussing and dissecting every frame of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Jon Watt's triumphant film has been praised for a Peter Parker that feels the closest to the comics, while also having wholly unique adaptations of Aunt May, Peter's backstory, and his classmates. But one aspect of Homecoming that was classic Spidey was his signature suit, courtesy of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. And now a new concept art has been made public that would have put a much different spin on Spider-Man's costume. Check it out below.

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Is anybody else's FOMO senses tingling? Because this suit is so cool looking that I kind of wish they ditched the classic Spider-Man costume and went with this bad boy.

This concept art comes to us from the Instagram of Ryan Meinerding. Meinerding is the Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, and has helped to develop and craft the costumes of a variety of MCU characters. As such, he usually drafts more than one possible look for each hero. And his work for Spider-Man: Homecoming featured a much dark costume for the web slinger.

The above image would have been a major departure for Spider-Man on the silver screen, which was probably an appealing concept for Marvel Studios. Audiences have already seen two incarnations of Spidey wearing the red and blue, so Ryan Meinerding's darker option would have allowed the MCU's version of the hero to have a distinctly different look than its predecessors.

Ultimately Jon Watts and company went with a more traditional costume for Tom Holland's Peter Parker, which might have been the better choice in the long run. One of the common criticisms across all superhero properties is that the costumes are too dull and muted, when compared to their comic book counterparts. And while the X-Men franchise has been the most guilty of this offense, the MCU and DCEU are certainly not without fault. If the blue of Spider-Man's costume was switched out for black, there's little doubt that the comic purists would have taken to social media to bash Homecoming before it even hit theaters.

This isn't the first Spider-Man: Homecoming concept art that has hit the web over the past week or so. Ryan Meinerding also shared a concept art for Peter's homemade costume, which actually looked pretty great. Rather than the look with goggles, Spider-Man would have originally had a much jankier mask, with two small holes for the young hero's eyes. The folks at Marvel probably once again made the right call with their choice for his costume, but Meinerding's designs are certainly intriguing.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently in theaters, and the next MCU installment will be Thor: Ragnarok on November 3, 2017. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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